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Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems

Intel disclosed on 4/25/01 that it is engaged in R&D and investment activities in MEMS, Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems. MEMS is a technology similar to silicon technology. Silicon technology enables smaller transistors via Moore�s Law. MEMS enables smaller electro-mechanical systems, which can be integrated with integrated circuits. This technology will enhance Intel�s existing products and create new opportunities.

Intel is making strategic investments in a number of MEMS companies such as

Intel�s decentralized R&D model is a faster, better way to gain rapid entry into emerging technologies such as MEMS. Intel is pursuing MEMS R&D both internally and in conjunction with academic institutions such as
  • University of California Berkeley

  • University of Michigan
Intel is also a founding member of the MEMS Industry Group **, a trade association for the US MEMS industry.

Intel will be making further announcements on MEMS in the future. Stay tuned!


"MEMS for wireless integration"
(Acrobat PDF file, 2,609 KB)
Presenter: Valluri Rao
Event: Intel Developer Forum
Date: February 28, 2002

"Intel's MEMS R&D"
(Acrobat PDF file, 2,109 KB)
Presenter: Sunlin Chou, Senior Vice President, Intel Corporation, General Manager, Technology and Manufacturing Group
Date: April 25, 2001

(Acrobat PDF file, 5,194 KB)
Presenter: Bob Rao, Intel Fellow, Technology and Manufacturing Group
Date: April 25, 2001

"Investing in MEMS"
(Acrobat PDF file, 2,919 KB)
Presenter: Alexander Wong, Managing Director, Intel Capital
Date: April 25, 2001

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