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Intel's 0.13 micron process features 0.06 micron gate length transistors and six layers of copper interconnect. Intel is breaking barriers to Moore's Law and has recently shown the world's smallest transistor, with a gate length of 15nm. Intel has also recently disclosed details of the TeraHertz transistor for building CPUs and all logic products in the second half of the decade. A key objective of the TeraHertz transistor is to allow the scaling predicted by Moore's Law while containing the exponential power problem that would otherwise make future chips impractical. The TeraHertz transistor contains new materials and new transistor structures that deliver BOTH high performance and low power. See the following documents for further information on the TeraHertz transistor.

"TeraHertz Transistor Backgrounder"
(Acrobat PDF file, 121KB)
Subject: A tutorial on the TeraHertz transistor and its benefits
Date: November 26, 2001

"New Transistors for 2005 and Beyond"
(Acrobat PDF file, 1867KB)
Subject: A basic guide to the TeraHertz transistor and its benefits
Date: November 26, 2001

"New Transistors for 2005 and Beyond"
(Acrobat PDF file, 2215KB)
Subject: Detailed information on the TeraHertz transistor and its benefits
Presenters: Gerald Marcyk, Robert Chau
Date: November 26, 2001

Intel recently opened the world's first 300mm wafer research laboratory. Named RP1 (RP stands for research and pathfinding), the $250 million facility is the first of its kind dedicated to research in advanced silicon process technologies on the new, larger 300mm wafers. Further information on this facility is available in the presentation dated May 11, 2001 below.

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