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Fortran Compiler for Windows 6.0
Photo Description The Intel® Fortran Compiler for Windows* is substantially source-compatible with Compaq Visual Fortran* (CVF), versions 5.0 to 6.6. This means, most applications developed using CVF can be recompiled with the Intel Fortran Compiler to get improved performance. The compiler plugs into the Microsoft Visual Studio* 6.0 environment and provides mixed language support (Fortran, C). Standards supported include: ISO Fortran 95 and OpenMP* 1.1 for Fortran. The Intel Fortran Compiler for Windows includes both a compiler for Intel® Pentium® processors and a compiler for Intel® Itanium" processors.
Key Features
Advanced optimization features provide an easy and fast way to get optimal performance from your applications
Compatible with development tools most programmers already use for Windows application development
Comprehensive support direct from Intel keeps you current with the latest compiler releases
Features and Benefits
Feature Benefit
Performance Advanced optimization features for latest Intel processors, including the Intel® Pentium® 4, Intel® Xeon", and Intel® Itanium® processors, to deliver great performance for your applications.
Compatibility Intel Fortran Products are substantially compatible with leading Fortran compilers and industry standards.
Threaded application support The Intel compilers support the OpenMP* standard and auto-parallelism feature to enable the development and optimization of threaded applications.
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Efficient Exploitation of Parallelism on Pentium� III and Pentium� 4 Processor-Based Systems
Intel� OpenMP C++/Fortran Compiler for Hyper-Threading Technology: Implementation and Performance
Optimizing Applications with the Intel� C++ and Fortran Compilers for Windows* and Linux*
Convergence of Intel Fortran and Visual Fortran
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