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Intel(R) Software Development Products. Tools for improving application performance
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Intel® Software Development Products is a full suite of tools that can help developers easily create the fastest software possible on Intel architecture. Our tools are compatible with the leading development environments available today, and are easy to use with the tools developers are already utilizing to tune their software.
What's New
Why are the Intel® compilers gathering a lot of serious interest among developers? See what independent reviewers found when comparing performance issues among the three major C/C++ compilers: GNU, Intel and Microsoft. Read the article "Cing Parallel with No Pain"

Integrated Performance Primitives Intel Corporation introduces Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives 2.0, a cross-platform software library consisting of highly optimized functions for the development of advanced applications. By using Intel IPP, developers are able to use a common development environment, thus reducing repetitive design and engineering costs and decreasing time-to-market.
VTune Intel announces the new VTune" Enterprise Analyzer for Web Applications and Version 6 of the VTune" Performance Analyzer, Intel® C++ Compiler and Intel Fortran Compiler. Evaluate how your application is utilizing the CPU and determine what modifications to make to improve your application's performance.

The VTune Analyzer update for XScale" technology is currently in beta. For more information, send email to .
The Software Optimization Cookbook Read about the new book The Software Optimization Cookbook from Rich Gerber on optimizing your application with the VTune" Performance Analyzer and the Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows*
C++ for Windows* 6.0
C++ for Linux* 6.0
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Fortran for Linux* 6.0
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