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Intel® Application Accelerator
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Year 2000

Chipset Software


Intel(R) Application Accelerator

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Product Overview
The Intel� Application Accelerator is a new performance software package for Intel desktop and mobile PCs.
Intel Application Accelerator also provides:
  • Faster Boot Time via Accelerated Operating System Load Time
  • Accelerated Disk I/O for Games, Graphics Applications, Disk Utilities, and Media Authoring Applications
  • Performance-enhancing Data Pre-fetcher for Intel� Pentium� 4 processor-based systems
  • Support for 137GB and larger hard drives
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Reasons to use Intel Application Accelerator
Performance Data
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General Information
[view] Windows* XP* upgrade notification
[view] Do I need the Intel Application Accelerator?
[view] Supported chipsets
[view] Intel� 815EM chipset and the Intel Application Accelerator
[view] System requirements
[view] Installation requirements
[view] Supported operating systems

Support for 20 languages

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Identify Your Chipset
[view] Information on how to identify your Intel chipset

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Known Issues & Solutions
[view] Moving a hard drive to a new motherboard
[view] Common solutions for the Intel Application Accelerator
[view] Speed Disk* notification
[view] Known compatibility issues
[view] Verifying that the Intel Application Accelerator is installed

Using Intel� 440BX/LX/EX/GX/FX or Intel� 430FX/VX/HX/TX chipsets

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Product Documentation
[view] Intel Application Accelerator user's manual

Intel� Chipset Software Installation Utility user's manual

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Other Resources
[view] Intel� motherboards
[view] Intel� processors
[view] Intel� chipset hardware
[view] USB driver information
[view] Audio driver information

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