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Year 2000

Intel® Create & Share
End of Interactive Support for American Geographies
Intel® is announcing the end of interactive support for the Intel® Create & Share" Camera Pack 2.0 USB version. See the End of Interactive Support Announcement for details. Direct end-user interactive support services for customers outside of the American geographies will remain unchanged.

2.0 USB version
left arrow The column at the left has information to answer your questions. Select an information category and you'll see indexes of what is available. Here you'll find self-help information for the Intel® Create & Share" Camera Pack 2.0 USB version.

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Identify Your Camera
[view] Intel® PC Camera Products Identification Guide
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Known Issues & Solutions
[view] Enhancing your privacy when using Intel® Video Phone
[view] Computer locks during the A/V Configuration Wizard
[view] Lost your serial number?
[view] Your problem may be one of the top technical issues
[view] Issues with anti-virus or system monitoring software
[view] Difficulty installing USB camera
[view] Difficulties with Intel® Video Phone over the Internet
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Software & Drivers
[view] Obtaining the software necessary to play video clips in both the Email Postcard and Record Video applications
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[view] Important Intel� Video Phone Information for Microsoft Millennium Edition users
[view] America Online* compatibility with Intel® Video Phone
[view] Supported operating systems
[view] Microsoft NetMeeting* 3.0 Compatibility

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