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Year 2000

Desktop Board D820LP

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Identify Your Product
[view] How to identify your Intel� Desktop Board

Product overview for the Intel� Desktop Board D820LP

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Known Issues & Solutions
[view] Intel Desktop Board D820LP will not power up - continuity RIMM
[view] Windows* 95 reports resource conflict with add-in cards and onboard PCI devices in device manager
[view] AGP support
[view] Intel Desktop Board D820LP will not power up-66 MHz host bus processor
[view] Ultra ATA/66 support

Second floppy drive not supported

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Software & Drivers
[view] Latest BIOS updates - BIOS identifier is VC82010A.86A.

Latest driver updates

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[view] Processors supported - Intel� Pentium� III processors in FC-PGA packages running at bus speeds of 100 MHz or 133 MHz.
[view] System memory
[view] Configuration jumpers


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Product Documentation
[view] Technical product specification
[view] Specification update

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