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Year 2000

Intel(R) Desktop Board CA810E

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Identify Your Product
[view] How to identify your Intel® Desktop Board
[view] Differences between an Intel® Desktop Board CA810E and an Intel® Motherboard CA810

Product overview for the Intel Desktop Board CA810E

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Known Issues & Solutions
[view] Microsoft Windows* 98 shows "Unknown Device" under Panel/System/Device Manager/Other devices
[view] Error: "Serial Presence Detect (SPD) Device data missing or inconclusive"
[view] Instantly available and STR (Suspend to RAM)
[view] ATA-66 support
[view] CA810E uses 1 MB of system memory at bootup for the VGA display
[view] Power supply requirements

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Software & Drivers
[view] Latest BIOS updates

Latest driver updates

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[view] Processors supported - Pentium® III Processor Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (FC-PGA) and Intel® Celeron® Processors in the Plastic Pin Grid Array (PPGA) package.
[view] System memory - Supports dynamic memory detection for one or two 3.3V 168-pin unbuffered 100 MHz SDRAM DIMMs.
[view] Tested memory
[view] Configuration jumpers
[view] Connectors


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Product Documentation
[view] Technical product specification
[view] Specification update

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