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Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility
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Year 2000

Intel(R) Celeron(R) Processor in the PPGA package
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General Information
[view] Product overview
[view] Performance indicators

Warranty information

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Identifying Your Processor
[view] Information on how to identify your Intel´┐Ż Celeron® processor markings, package types, product order codes, and more
[view] Use the Processor Spec Finder tool to find technical spec information

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Known Issues & Solutions
[view] Troubleshooting
[view] Using SC242-to-PGA370 socket converters ("Slockets")
[view] Dual processor support
[view] White material on the bottom of the heatsink of the Boxed Intel Celeron processor
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Installation and Use
[view] Integration notes for Intel Celeron processor in PPGA package
[view] Boxed installation manuals & flyers
[view] System build check list
[view] Looking for a motherboard for your Intel Celeron Processor
[view] Thermal Management
[view] Voltage Requirements

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Product Documentation
[view] Application notes
[view] Datasheets
[view] Specification update
[view] Manuals
[view] Processor related components

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Spare Parts Program
If you are a systems integrator looking for extra spare parts, click here to obtain the form.

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