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Volume 6 Issue 2
Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing
Table of Contents
Current Technologies
Future Technologies
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Intel Technical Journal
Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing
  Volume 06     Issue 02     Published May 16, 2002     ISSN 1535-766X  

Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing—Current and Future
Mark Bohr
Intel Fellow
Portland Technology Development

Current Articles
Current Technologies
130nm Logic Technology Featuring 60nm Transistors, Low-K Dielectrics and Cu Interconnects
Process Development and Manufacturing of High-Performance Microprocessors on 300mm Wafers
ETOXTM Flash Memory Technology: Scaling and Integration Challenges
Future Technologies
Integration of Mixed-Signal Elements into a High-Performance Digital CMOS Process
Transistor Elements for 30nm Physical Gate Length and Beyond
The Intel Lithography Roadmap
Emerging Directions for Packaging Technologies
Lin Chao
Intel Technology Journal

Since the invention of the integrated circuit some forty years ago, engineers and researchers around the world have worked on how to put more speed, performance and value onto smaller chips of silicon. By the end of this decade (2010) we at Intel want to reach the goal of 10 billion transistors on a single chip. This is a big challenge. Today we continue to break barriers to reach this goal. This issue (Q2, 2002, Vol. 6 Issue 2) of the Intel Technology Journal gives a detailed look into the exciting advances in the areas of transistor architecture, interconnects, dielectrics, lithography, and packaging

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