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Universal Serial Bus

Universal Serial Bus, or USB, is a computer standard designed to eliminate the guesswork in connecting peripherals to your PC.

Universal Serial Bus
More information regarding up-coming events, documentation, product info, and much more can be found at the USB IF official Web site.

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding USB 2.0 and 1.1 are answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

EHCI Rev. 0.95 Specifications
The Enhanced Host Controller Interface specification for USB is now available. The current revision is 1.0.

Intel and the Industry leaders have released the USB 2.0 specification, which has a target speed of 480 Mb/sec.


USB 2.0 Compliance Testing
To complement the specification and enable measurement of compliance products, the USB-IF has instituted a Compliance Program that provides reasonable measures of acceptability. Products which have passed compliance testing have the rights to use the USB-IF certified logo, and offer the consumer a degree of certainty that this product will function as expected, with no undesired surprises. Please check for more information on compliance testing. Recently a number of independent test labs have recently been certified to test all USB devices at all speeds, as well as full-speed (so-called "1.1") hosts and hubs. A complete discussion of the test labs and their capabilities may be found at Hi-speed hosts, hubs, and devices using silicon that has not been certified are still tested at the Peripheral Integration Lab. Contact for details and scheduling information.


New From Intel Press: USB Design by Example, Second Edition
Winner: "Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for Technical Excellence"!

PC Magazine has bestowed the Eighteenth Annual Award for Technical Excellence to USB 2.0 in the Specifications category. This award is given to innovators who have found new solutions to old problems. USB 2.0 was selected for this honor because of the common interface it provides and the high data transfer rate. Please see for more details.

CNET's 'Best Emerging Technology' award goes to USB 2.0 at PC Expo

In the area of Best Emerging Technology, CNET's award goes to USB 2.0. This award does not go to any one company but to all of the industry pioneers that recognize the value of this new standard. The factors that make USB 2.0 so promising are its speed, its backward compatibility with USB 1.1, and its broad industry support. Please see for more details.


New From Intel Press: USB Design by Example, Second Edition
Hi-speed USB 2.0 peripherals are hitting critical mass during the 2001 Holiday shopping season. See the latest list of peripherals at in the USB Buyer Information area.


New From Intel Press: USB Design by Example, Second Edition
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 drivers are ready. Windows XP drivers are available now, via Windows Update. 2000 Beta drivers are currently available with final drivers expected soon. For other Windows drivers (98, 98SE, ME), you will need to work with 3rd party vendors such as Orange Micro, and Adaptec.

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